Follow the sun: The New Zealand Contact Centre Story
Turning night into day Outsourcing centres in New Zealand are seeing that they are able to offer inbound sprocess services to the UK. Culturally aligned and being 11 or 12 hours ahead of UK time, means that when its night in the UK, it’s just a normal work day in New Zealand. Regions like the Manawatu Read more>

Business to Consumer Telemarketing
We talked last week about B2B Lead Generation. This week, I wanted to talk about business to consumer campaigns. In the B2C field, making phone calls to a targeted segment of individuals can both create demand and educate the public about your business. This is an effective way to not only connect with individual buyers, Read more>

How Does Demand Generation Work for B2B Companies?
It’s very important to understand the differences in sales and marketing strategies for different types of businesses. More specifically, this means looking at business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing. Different strategies apply to both and understanding how to use telemarketing for both types of businesses is the aim of my post today, to walk you Read more>

The One4All Difference: Learn About a Day in Our Centre
Let’s be honest for a moment; we all know what ‘stereotypes’ exist when people hear the term ‘telemarketing‘. This image is something we’ve spent the past decade trying to recast at One4All. As a New Zealand-based company with a 100+ member staff of bright, young, native-speaking professionals, we are anything but what those stereotypes support. Read more>

5 Steps to a Successful B2B Lead Generation Campaign
Understanding the basics of lead generation is foundational in proper marketing, however, knowing how to use those lead generation strategies to convert prospects to actual sales is equally important which means running a campaign right from start to finish. As a telemarketer, most view my job as the middle steps of this process, but, in Read more>

Our New Website
Well 2014 is set to be another tremendous year for us at One4All. Of course we get to do business with the most amazing clients – some of which have been with us for over a decade. In 2013 we had some very talented people join our board. And now a brand new website that Read more>

What is Lead Generation?
In a broad sense, lead generation includes all the actions your company undertakes to seek out and find potential sales prospects—in our case this takes place via phone. However, many people use this term as jargon to refer to telemarketing in general, which is not only incorrect, but overlooks many of the other important aspects Read more>

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