Business to Consumer Telemarketing


We talked last week about B2B Lead Generation. This week, I wanted to talk about business to consumer campaigns.

In the B2C field, making phone calls to a targeted segment of individuals can both create demand and educate the public about your business. This is an effective way to not only connect with individual buyers, but also build brand awareness in a specialised way, the ‘noise’ of advertisement sorely misses.

When using correct segmentation and only approach a relevant group, most likely to buy, telemarketing works brilliantly and consistently. Furthermore, when you craft offers and scripts that are of particular interest to your targeted individuals. The key is cleverly crafting campaigns to specific people and their unique, individual needs. Similar to advertising, where people only get annoyed when it’s not relevant to them.

There are no limits to the creativity and strategic elements of a B2C campaign can have.  One of my favourite examples was when a popular bacon company had gone through a dramatic packaging update and they wanted to ensure their loyal customers and other new customers ‘knew’ where they were. We completed a simple, non-promotional survey about bacon in general. People were also alerted to the changes in the packaging and where to buy the product. Who doesn’t like talking about bacon anyway?  Sales increased and nobody missed out on their favourite bacon.

Equally – if you are going to go to the effort of reaching out to large numbers of people, then you better have a good reason. Your offer needs to be of genuine value. Promises of exclusivity, scarcity or a time limit have to be sincere and easy to use. It may pay to test your offer on the first 100 people and review the response before you proceed.  Certainly something we recommend.

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