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Signarama – B2B Lead Generation

sasAs any business owner knows, striking a balance between tending to existing customer orders and trying to generate new business is tough.

The job of fulfilling custom signage orders, including a detailed consultation and approval process, has meant that Signarama storeowners throughout Australia were often trying to manage a large number of complex projects at once, leaving little time to keep up with new business generation. What’s more, most of their time spent on lead generation was wasted on ‘cold’ leads, those with no expressed interest in their products; as such, there was a minimal reward for any effort they did make.

It was at this point that Signarama Australia as a whole identified that their store owners needed a resource to use to assist them in attracting new business.

That’s when Signarama contacted One4All Outbound & Emergency Management to help despite their New Zealand location, the technology One4All uses and the close relationship (and accent!) shared between Australians and New Zealanders allowed them to fully integrate with SIGNARAMA and embed themselves into their business seamlessly.

One4All began by developing a program specifically for Signarama Australia that included a compelling script, offer orchestration, and the ability to contact up to 500 potential clients for each Signarama store.

The format used for Signarama Australia begins when each store purchases a list of local business contacts, One4All then contacts the businesses from that list and uncovers any potential signage opportunities. During such a campaign, each store receives daily reports that outline which business to call for a follow up and what signage needs they have. This process provides the stores with a list of ‘warm’ leads, or those already interested in buying from them. Now, when storeowners and staff take time to make a call, it is with a higher rate of return which makes far better use of their time and resources.

Usually, such tactics are reserved for enterprise-size organisations with much larger budgets to allocate to new business generation. However the business model that One4All offers makes it cost effective and available to businesses of all sizes and in a variety of locations throughout Australasia

And the results speak for themselves: Signarama Dandenong’s Ross Wade is in the process of running his second telemarketing campaign with One4All after the huge success of his first campaign earlier this year. ‘The first campaign we did with One4All was very successful. We received quality leads and the response was great. We’ll definitely keep using One4All’ Ross explained.

Public Voice – Market Research


The Challenge

Councils wanted to find a better way of getting feedback and interacting with its citizens. PublicVoice wanted to develop Citizens’ Panel, a community-wide sample of people, to survey on key local government issues for the Palmerston North city council. This service would enable government and public institutions to ‘listen to the silent majority’ and ensure effective engagement and consultation. Their aim was to provide feedback that would return results over and above that which traditional community surveys and consultation methods PublicVoice needed to survey a very large number of the people in the Palmerston North area to put together a broad and well represented sample of the community.

Who Are They

PublicVoice are a market research firm who works with local and central government agencies and industry bodies, to get them talking to customers, citizens and stakeholders. PublicVoice collects data and feedback on key issues via surveys and various specifically designed online platforms and applications, that are both time efficient and cost effective.
An introduction through a mutual client, Palmerston North City Council, gave PublicVoice the confidence to engage the expertise and services of One4All, and get the ball rolling on their exciting and unique project.

The Solution

Specialising in outbound calls for lead generation and market research, One4All’s role was to first work with Public Voice to define the calling areas and associated numbers. They tailored a database to capture the specific information that PublicVoice wished to record and gained agreement from callers to participate in the online research at regular intervals. One4All worked to specify demographics, (age, gender, location) and then provided the results back to PublicVoice in an agreed format that was used to complete the project. One4All ‘s founder and CEO Anne Murrow was excited to work partner with PublicVoice on what she says is a “fantastic concept that gives the Councils real opportunity to engage in a timely manner with their residents and enables them to use residents as an effective part of their decision making”. Jared Bothwell, managing director commented that throughout the project, the staff at One4All were accommodating, easy to deal with and straight forward in their approach. Because of the success of this initial project, the partnership continues, with PublicVoice calling on One4All’s expertise on a number of similar projects for Local Government.

Speedy Signs – B2B Demand Generation


When it comes to high quality signage products at an affordable price, buyers need look no further than Speedy Signs. Known under the name of Signarama in most other parts of the world, Speedy Signs has been providing customers throughout New Zealand with all of their signage needs for the past 12 years. They pride themselves on their attention to detail and their commitment to quality. With 23 stores located across New Zealand, Speedy Signs had a hard time finding the right balance between servicing existing customers and generating new customers. Whilst they knew it was imperative to keep existing customers happy, at times they found themselves sacrificing the quality of their service in order to allow time to focus on new business generation…

The complex nature of their business and its detailed consultation and approval process often bogged down storeowners. This meant that they were busy trying to manage a large number of complex projects at once whilst trying to keep up with new business generation. The resulting imbalance caused stress and impacted sales.

To remedy this, Speedy Signs turned to One4All Outbound & Emergency Management to assist in their lead generation. Nine years later, they have forged an invaluable working relationship which allows Speedy Signs to focus on what they do best – provide customers with the highest quality signage possible at a great price.

To do this, One4All developed a tailored program specifically formulated to suit the needs of Speedy Signs. The systems and technology One4All employs provides Speedy Signs with a high level of service backed by detailed reporting and flexibility. They even routinely alter the program to meet strategic needs. This service allows Speedy Signs to focus on ‘warm’ leads, making their new business generation not only more effective, but also much more efficient.

But it’s not only new business generation that One4All has brought to Speedy Signs, explains  Speedy Signs Business Development Manager, Greg Longstaff, ‘One of the unexpected benefits was how many seemingly dormant business contacts are reactivated by just receiving a call.’ And the proof is in the pudding – ‘we get between 8-12% conversions on our campaigns.’ Greg added.

Each Speedy Signs store runs approximately three campaigns per year focusing on both new business generation and lapsed traders. From time to time, stores have even opted out of campaigns simply because they are unable to keep up with the volume of sales enquiries that come as a result.

‘One4All’s biggest strength is how they “move in” and partner with your business.’  Longstaff added.