At One4All, we like to work in partnership with our clients and feel personally responsible for their success and we offer a variety of services to meet your needs. Throughout the process of our partnership, the One4All team becomes your team. We’ll be actively involved in strategy development and team briefings, we also create an intranet site for each client with product information and a service manual for each client to ensure that the message our representatives send is on point and accurate. We seek your input for scripting, work within your strategic goals, and supply ongoing, timely, and detailed reporting back to you.

All One4All teams are led by a senior campaign manager and team members are coached and performance managed on a daily basis. Quality checks are made to both the caller and the business owners.

One4All is also an Emergency Contact Centre with an excellent reputation within the field of Emergency Contact Management. Our expertise and the quality of our services have been recognised by Police, Civil Defence, Maritime New Zealand and National, Regional, and Local governments.