Lead Generation

lead-generation Lead generation is an important aspect to many businesses, but also one of the most time consuming for sales staff. In fact, experts in the industry have found that in companies where sales staff must chase their own leads, more than 50% of a salesperson’s job is spent on the phone. One4All can step in for sales staff during this phase of the sales process, clearing the way for sales staff to spend more time doing what they do best: engaging face-to-face with willing and interested leads. Because we understand the importance of a sale, and the complex nature of the sales pipeline, we take great care to ensure that only the best quality leads are generated for each of our clients whilst constantly promoting your organisation. As with all of our services, we place great emphasis on working closely with clients in lead generation campaigns. In this way, we are able to ensure the training we provide our staff is of a high standard and the information we pass on to sales targets is accurate. This training is supplemented with ongoing coaching and development of staff. This constant training enables us to improve our standards of work, making your job easier when it comes to closing the deal.