Speedy Signs – B2B Demand Generation


When it comes to high quality signage products at an affordable price, buyers need look no further than Speedy Signs. Known under the name of Signarama in most other parts of the world, Speedy Signs has been providing customers throughout New Zealand with all of their signage needs for the past 12 years. They pride themselves on their attention to detail and their commitment to quality. With 23 stores located across New Zealand, Speedy Signs had a hard time finding the right balance between servicing existing customers and generating new customers. Whilst they knew it was imperative to keep existing customers happy, at times they found themselves sacrificing the quality of their service in order to allow time to focus on new business generation…

The complex nature of their business and its detailed consultation and approval process often bogged down storeowners. This meant that they were busy trying to manage a large number of complex projects at once whilst trying to keep up with new business generation. The resulting imbalance caused stress and impacted sales.

To remedy this, Speedy Signs turned to One4All Outbound & Emergency Management to assist in their lead generation. Nine years later, they have forged an invaluable working relationship which allows Speedy Signs to focus on what they do best – provide customers with the highest quality signage possible at a great price.

To do this, One4All developed a tailored program specifically formulated to suit the needs of Speedy Signs. The systems and technology One4All employs provides Speedy Signs with a high level of service backed by detailed reporting and flexibility. They even routinely alter the program to meet strategic needs. This service allows Speedy Signs to focus on ‘warm’ leads, making their new business generation not only more effective, but also much more efficient.

But it’s not only new business generation that One4All has brought to Speedy Signs, explains  Speedy Signs Business Development Manager, Greg Longstaff, ‘One of the unexpected benefits was how many seemingly dormant business contacts are reactivated by just receiving a call.’ And the proof is in the pudding – ‘we get between 8-12% conversions on our campaigns.’ Greg added.

Each Speedy Signs store runs approximately three campaigns per year focusing on both new business generation and lapsed traders. From time to time, stores have even opted out of campaigns simply because they are unable to keep up with the volume of sales enquiries that come as a result.

‘One4All’s biggest strength is how they “move in” and partner with your business.’  Longstaff added.