Business 2 Business

Generally abbreviated B2B, especially online, these transactions take place between types of businesses, such as wholesalers and manufacturers or retailers. The B2B sales cycle is loner and more complex that its B2C counterpart mostly due to the volume and ultimate price of the solutions B2B sellers provide. Telemarketing is particularly important in B2B sales since it helps sales staffs concentrate on warm leads and maximizes their time and productivity.             Find out what services we can offer your business> 

Business 2 Consumer

We all use B2C companies to fulfil our everyday needs from purchasing food products to home entertainment systems. Selling directly to consumers, or the general public, is equally complex, but for far different reasons. B2C enterprises need to penetrate the ‘noise’ of near-constant advertising to get personalised messages through. Telemarketing accomplishes just that and, as a bonus, can operate as an arm of your company by taking orders!           It’s well worth having contacting our team to investigate your options>