The One4All Difference: Learn About a Day in Our Centre


Let’s be honest for a moment; we all know what ‘stereotypes’ exist when people hear the term ‘telemarketing‘. This image is something we’ve spent the past decade trying to recast at One4All. As a New Zealand-based company with a 100+ member staff of bright, young, native-speaking professionals, we are anything but what those stereotypes support.

I want to take you through a day in our Palmerston North Centre.

The One4All Environment

Our café-style offices sit in the heart of Palmerston North, New Zealand which is an active university city featuring a walkable downtown. The offices look right into the city’s centre, making travel to and from work for our staff convenient, particularly since upwards of 33% of the population in Palmerston are between the ages of 15 and 30.

The daily staffs at One4All include full time business professionals as well as full and part time calling professionals, many of whom attend Massey University. This bright, university town vibe, ubiquitous with Palmerston for those who know it, has been critical to One4All’s success. Our staff, many of whom are ‘Generation Y’, come to work each day with animated and vibrant attitudes encouraged by a casual atmosphere geared towards their comfort but yet maintaining professionalism.

Why This Matters: The One4All ‘Core Values’

A key goal for One4All, particularly as it pertains to staff, is creating an environment built on feedback and mutual respect. Our core values—ownership, partnership, integrity—extend to our staffs as well as our clients. Working with young people, we understand the need to nurture them as professionals and individuals. Telemarketing, no matter how you go about doing it, includes a lot of rejection, and we work to help our people understand that the rejection they face is not theirs to own.

Taking this approach has paid dividends. As a company in an admittedly high turnover industry, our attrition rate is low and our employees among the most satisfied in the field. This means that when we implement our process and become an integral component in a business’s marketing plan, we have the confidence and trust to offer the ‘best of the best’ from our own team. Happy staff makes for successful campaigns and everyone wins.

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