What is Lead Generation?


In a broad sense, lead generation includes all the actions your company undertakes to seek out and find potential sales prospects—in our case this takes place via phone. However, many people use this term as jargon to refer to telemarketing in general, which is not only incorrect, but overlooks many of the other important aspects of making sales in your business. In reality, companies engage in lead generation through a number of methods. Some of these actions are carried out through digital marketing, for example online advertising or email marketing. Understanding this subtle distinction allows businesses to not only better perform their sales function, but also properly place and use telemarketing as part of a comprehensive lead generation strategy.


Statistically the use of telemarketing for lead generation continues to be an effective method of qualifying sales leads. Think about it: despite the fact that spending big dollars talking to a large audience via advertising means your marketing is seen by a lot of people, the indiscriminate nature of advertising means that many of those people will not find your product or service relevant. What’s more, those who do are likely to quickly forget your brand amidst the constant streaming of advertising ‘noise’ thrown at us daily. On the flip side, telemarketing often generates a larger percentage of truly interested prospects as compared to the other, less personal methods since engaging prospects in a personal conversation about their needs, your products, and how the two intersect is a great way to position your company at the top of their minds.


For this reason, telemarketing for lead generation plays an important role in business to business (or B2B) marketing as well. The sales process in B2B is longer and more intricate than for most consumer products or services; choosing the right deodorant verses the right signage company, for example, has much less of an impact on one’s long term success. This longer sales process means that the actions taken by sales and marketing professionals are not so clear-cut—one cannot simply hold a newsletter signup and hope to get a customer. Instead, sales professionals are in dire need of qualified leads who are further down the sales pipeline and B2B telemarketing is a great way to accomplish this.


Effective B2B lead generation relies on the judicious use of telemarketing as part of a comprehensive lead generation package. Understanding how all of this fits together is the first step in creating this package for your business.

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