How Does Demand Generation Work for B2B Companies?


It’s very important to understand the differences in sales and marketing strategies for different types of businesses. More specifically, this means looking at business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing. Different strategies apply to both and understanding how to use telemarketing for both types of businesses is the aim of my post today, to walk you through the business to business telemarketing approach.

Business to Business Telemarketing

If you sell a product or service to other companies, such a specific industry or job function you are in the B2B field. For these clients, telemarketing is the most efficient way to fill in their sales pipeline, which tends to be longer sales cycle with much more consultation in the process.

Though advertising can work, it is merely a scattergun approach and may never reach the intended audience. Using IT software as an example. This may serve as a particular function. For example – helps the finance team manage accounts. You could spend big bucks advertising to anyone that is in businesses – from anyone from the customer service team to the operation staff. Advertisers know how to over exaggerate their performance.  And you will pay for every single view or subscriber. Magazines exaggerate readership, by automatically assuming a subscriber will pass on a print magazine up to four different people. Website advertisers count every single page view as a hit – even when its just one person, looking at a few pages.

In effect, you waste tens of thousands of dollars delivering your message to people or businesses who couldn’t care less, which is why specifically targeting your tactics to the types of businesses who utilise your services or product works far better.

Making cold calls can be quite traumatic for some and takes valuable time away from sales staff that should be nurturing more developed (warm) leads. Having a team on your side to seek out and pre-qualifying potential business opportunities will save you time and frustration.

Every single  B2B lead generation campaign is unique. It may be our customer service representatives call your targeted businesses to ask a series of qualifying questions or book an appointment with the key decision maker.  For some campaigns, we are directly asking for orders and reporting back to your clients for follow up.  Others, it is following up on subscriptions renewals.  But in all circumstances, it ensuring that vital contact or follow up with your current or potential targets is happening.

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